the long awaited stairway to heaven…


the reunion of reunions. led zeppelin. are. back.

but did they ever leave? album sales, even to this day, say no.

i dont want to hear the jokes. sure, they are in their 60’s but who cares man. this is rock. this is rock and roll.

the concert was to take place back in november but due to certain health issues, it was delayed until last night.

tickets went on sale for £125, limit 2 per person. tickets sold for prices in the thousands.  hollywood producers, big named rock bands, priscilla and lisa marie, kate moss, hell, even oasis were there to see the legend continue.

they played last night at O2’s arena to (of course) a sold out crowd. Every 16 year old’s dream (now bankers and lawyers in their 40’s.).

jason bonham, john’s son, played in his stead. appropo.Led Zeppelin was a ground breaking, hard core rock band of the 70’s – they hit it big in the states, i’d have to say, probably bigger than most. When i was in my teens, there wasnt anyone i hung around that didnt listen to them constantly, play their air guitar accordingly, and wear the much coveted concert tshirt.

they were the band. judging from last night’s reviews, they are the band.


~ by tlcphoto on December 11, 2007.

One Response to “the long awaited stairway to heaven…”

  1. Awesome truth! Nobody beats the Zep! I guess I am fortunate enough to have seen them on the ’73 and ’77 tours!

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